Our Ponies

The Connemara Pony is Ireland’s native pony, born and bred amongst the rocks, bogs and hills. It is amazingly sure-footed with a natural ability to jump. It is a patient friendly pony able to compete successfully in dressage, show-jumping or eventing, and is a suitable size for all the family to ride (up to 147cm officially but up to 157cm and more unofficially). Years ago, before tractors, it brought home the seaweed from the shore for fertilising the potato ridges, or with paniers full of peat for the winter fuel, a man would ride bareback to market with his wife sitting on the haunches clutching a basket of produce. Nowadays it makes a wonderful child’s pony for hunting, or a safe and trustworthy mount for trekking.

The annual Connemara Pony Breeder’s Society Show is held each year on the third Thursday in August in Clifden. With over 400 entries, people flock to it from all over the world. Catalogued sales of Connemara ponies are held in the Clifden Mart 2–3 times a year. We always have ponies for sale at Errislannan.

We have bred Connemara ponies at Errislannan, County Galway, Ireland, since 1960 always using the same female bloodlines. Drimeen Dun 1449 was our first mare. In earlier days we had our own stallions – Errislannan Coltsfoot, Errislannan Sparkler and Errislannan Jester. As there is a much wider choice of local stallions now we can choose which one to use on each individual mare. 

Three of our mares have been selected as premium Mares. We enjoy watching the foals grow up and like to keep them on until they are four or five and well ridden and ready to find a new family. We know their characteristics and their ability well and can choose where is the most suitable home for them. All ponies 4yr old and over are regularly ridden and pony clubbed. They are all CPBS (Connemara Pony Breeders Society) registered.